Kratom is a medicinal herb that is native to Southeast Asia. It has been used for generations as an herbal therapy for a variety of conditions. It is used to treat opiate addiction, depression, chronic pain, anxiety, and digestive disorders. Although it has not been studied extensively in the United States, it is a legal substance that can be purchased online or in certain health food stores. Many proponents of this herb state that liquid kratom is the best form, as it is absorbed better than capsules or powders.

Kratom is an unusual plant, as it has both a sedative and a stimulating effect. When consumed in small doses, it promotes increased alertness and energy, and the feeling of happiness. People often have a tendency to become more talkative and social when the herb is used in small doses. If larger doses are consumed, it has both a sedative and analgesic effect. If taken in very high doses, one may enter a dreamlike state and mild hallucinations are possible.

The herb is often used to aid those who are in withdrawal from opiates. In addition, it is thought to cure diarrhea and relieve chronic pain. Some individuals report weight loss when using this herb, but others claim it increases the appetite. The way it affects one with regard to appetite may vary from person to person.

As previously mentioned, there are several ways to take this herb. One may choose to consume capsules or the substance can be taken as tea. Some individuals even use a powder form of the herb which can be mixed into soft foods such as soups or puddings.

The liquid form of the herb is the preferred administration method among many individuals. This is because capsules often fail to dissolve properly, and tea is sometimes too weak to bring on the desired results unless high amounts of the liquid are drunk. However, with liquid supplements, there is virtually no possibility of failing to receive the full benefit of the herb.

Kratom can be ordered via the Internet or purchased in certain herb and vitamin shops, regardless of whether one prefers liquid or capsules. If a person decides to purchase the supplement online, it is essential for him or her to conduct thorough research on any merchant before a transaction is completed. This is because some online companies are not legitimate, as is the case with certain traditional businesses.

It is always wise to take the smallest dose when one is first trying the herb. This is because everyone's system is different and a dose that may be just right for one individual, may be too high for the next. Therefore, one has nothing to lose by starting with a low dose and working up to a higher dose as needed.

Just like any herbal remedy or medication, only a sensible amount of kratom should be used by any individual. The substance, when used to excess, can cause headaches, nausea and vomiting. One should not to drive or indulge in any activity for which mental alertness is required until the person fully understands how the herb affects him or her. In addition, it should never be mixed with other drugs or stimulants. Pregnant women should not use this supplement. Those considering trying liquid Kratom should talk to their physician or other medical professional first.

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