Choose Organic Non GMO Supplements

by Colette Foreman on 2014/08/28

Today, many consumers prefer to avoid genetically modified foods until the research is in to show that they are safe. However, even these cautious people may not have thought of making sure they get organic non GMO supplements. Since food is one source of vitamins and minerals, and because other things than foods are genetically modified, it may be important to screen all dietary substances.

Most consumers don't have either the knowledge or the time to investigate on their own. Fortunately, there's a quick way to feel confident. This is in trusting the 'organic' certification of a supplement. Just as with food, this assurance tells the consumer that there are no GMOs in the product. There are only a few companies that produce this kind of food-based and food-quality nutritional aids.

Although there are not many producers, the ones that do offer products made from food that is organically grown and processed offer a full range of products. Consumers should not feel limited, since they should be able to get all that they need. Both single nutrients and multi-vitamin and mineral formulas are marketed.

The best thing for concerned supplement users to do is to find a company that has earned the trust of the nutritional and alternative healing community. It's not hard to check out the certifying associations and the qualities superior products exhibit. Third-party testing and certification is important, as well as checking with the manufacturer themselves for answers to questions.

Just being GMO-free, which is usually announced on the label, does not mean that all ingredients are organic.On the other hand, non-organic ingredients don't mean a product is unsafe. Many herbs are wild-crafted. Other things, like coconuts, may not be grown on certified farms but the growers may not use any herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers, either. Again, using products from a reputable company with truthful labeling is a real comfort.

There is another point to consider, as well. Not all companies produce their raw materials, instead obtaining them from outside sources. This makes assessing purity harder. The organic certification is not easily won, and this designation means that the producer has gone to extraordinary lengths to offer a pure, safe, and effective product line.

People may feel that the small amount of active ingredient in supplement form means that the dangers are likewise small. This may be true. However, most effective products are used for the good they will do and are not cheap. Having questionable ingredients may mean that the nutrients will not function as expected, so getting less than expected is money down the drain. Even if no harm is done, no good may be done either.

No one really knows what genetically-modified organisms do to the environment or to people and animals. There are grounds to fear that bio-engineered crops may be harmful to pollinators like bees and butterflies. Consumers who want to get the purest and healthiest products need to take care when buying supplements. Checking out the company of origin and reading the labels of all products is a good start.

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